Company Profile.

Our Company

Cuppachoice International is a locally incorporated company established in 1984. We started off as a coffee wholesaler and distributor, catering to coffee shops around the island. Over this 28 years, we have grown from strength to strength to be a coffee company that is well respected by our peers and customers alike. We cater services From commercial coffee roasting, supplying espresso machines and providing cafe consultation, Cuppachoice put passion in all we do. With our years of experiences and the ability to deliver comprehensive range of products and services to today’s food and beverages industries, Cuppachoice have evolved to be the number one choice for both Commercial and Corporate clients not only in Singapore but also across Asia.

At CUPPACHOICE INTERNATIONAL, our emphasis on design, finish and technology lets us market our top products, on a par with any first-class brand, and with a price-quality ratio second to none. And our staff is constantly bringing in the latest new technologies to the art of roasting and blending high quality coffees. Even today, we continually refine our processes and develop new blends so that we are able to offer our customers a better and wider range of products.

Our Strength

  • Established Coffee Solutions Provider.
  • Providing one stop services; from raw beans to supply of equipments and training
  • Uphold the quality of products through Roast on Demand concept
  • Dedicated team of experience Coffee Roaster & Barista as sales support
  • Our Philosophy

    At CUPPACHOICE INTERNATIONAL, ROAST-TO-DEMAND is our commitment to bring you the freshest, richest and flavorful coffee. We always strive to sell the best of the best gourmet coffee beans, custom roasted to bring you superior, award-winning coffee – our goal is to help you to savor the experience.

    Our Solution

    We supply roasted coffee beans/powder and tea dust to café, restaurant, F&B outlets, corporate offices and household and many more. We are also the exclusive distributor representing one of the major European commercial coffee roasting machine in Asia Pacific.

    Other than that, we also provide other coffee complementary products and coffee related equipments to our clients. All of our coffee is available in commercial and retail packing for Local/Export market and even private labeling.

    Our 3 great Missions

    1. To exceed Customers’ expectation and satisfaction by offering safe and whole some quality products and proficient services.
    2. To be innovative and value-add to our products and services.
    3. To compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and SS 444:1998 HACCP system certification and to sustain long- term growth through continuous improvement.

    Our Organization Culture

    Our Core Values

    • Be Self-motivated with Positive Attitude, a sense of Initiative & Responsibility
    • To provide our customers with Safe. Wholesome Products and Proficient Service
    • Always treat our customers with warmth and graciousness
    • To promote the spirit of kinship amongst colleagues and excel as a Team
    • Always be Creative and Innovative
    • To possess the strong enthusiasm to learn and excel

    Milestones Achievement of Cuppachoice International Pte Ltd (F.K.A Hui Yee Coffee Manufacturer)

    • In 1987-2000, we were established as a coffee wholesaler and coffee distributor. Since then, our company has grown from strength to strength to be a coffee trading company
    • In 2001, we transformed into a service-based model for our business. We started supplying coffee beans and espresso machines to cafes, restaurant and other types F&B outlets. This has helped us capture a larger share of the market as well as developing more sales avenues for our clients.
    • In 2002, we were awarded the ISO 9001 certification as well as HACCP. In Singapore, we are the first to achieve the ISO and HACCP certification among our peers. This reassured that quality can never be compromised at Hui Yee.
    • In 2003, we moved into the retail market and developed the brand Cuppachoice. Under this brand, we have 2 ranges of products to cater to different palates.
    • In 2004, we have move into the regional market and had since in direct negotiation with some major countries in Asia Pacific and South Pacific Territory to setup major distribution network.
    • In 2005, HUI YEE was awarded the sole exclusivity to distribute one of Europe leading brand of Commercial Roaster from low end to large complex commercial roaster under JOPER LDA.
    • In 2009, We organized the First CuppaBarista Challenge 2009 held in Civil Service Club Bukit Batok. also the first to organize BLIND LATTE ART in Singapore!
    • In 2009, CuppaChoice Barista Trainers travelled to Macau and conducted THE FIRST COFFEE ART SEMINAR MACAU!
    • In 2009, Opened CuppaChoice Cafe Academy Retail and Roastery located at 3 Temple st. Chinatown
    • In 2010, Cuppachoice organized the Second CuppaBarista Challenge and first Coffee Challenge by the street!
    • In 2010, Cuppachoice has been appointed by MITR PHOL sugars to organized the MITR PHOL BARISTA CHALLENGE 2010

    Our Competitive Edge

    Cuppachoice’s competitive edge is its market leading product quality by using time tested blends of different green beans to come up with compelling final products. By leveraging personal relationships, Cuppachoice has gained the recipes and knowledge through many upheavals from the business communities over different part of the world. Traditional business practices have been rendered obsolete by technology and infallible powerhouses have come and gone.

    Part of Cuppachoice’s success is the combined old world roasting techniques and the deployment of State-of-Art-Technology with the art of blending different green beans to come up with special recipes. This ensured Cuppachoice will always have the finest products in a borderless world, anywhere, anytime and is not available to other customers.

    Products and Services Outline

      1. Hospitality Setup Consultation (Traditional & Gourmet)
      2. Coffee Roasting
      3. Contract Manufacturing – Custom Roasting & Private Labeling for Local and Overseas market
      4. Commercial Coffee Roasters, Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders
      5. Coffee & Kitchen Equipments (Traditional & Gourmet)
      6. Barista Training & Workshop
      7. Maintenance and Servicing of Coffee Equipments
      8. Coffee Beans, Powder Tea Dust (Straits / Traditional)
      9. Coffee Accessories
      10. Gourmet Flavored Syrups (Monin)

    Value add to our Customers

    Efficient logistics

    Our logistic have also been our stronghold in our business growth for the last 29 years, Till date, we supply to about 600 coffee shops comprising of traditional and café, government institute, churches, restaurants & corporate offices. Our strong fleet of 8 vehicles devoted primarily to delivery all round Singapore had enjoyed tremendous success in term of on-time delivery to our entire customer base. We also fit our fleet of vehicles with high technology logistic delivery link to our central office via Wireless Solution, utilizing GPRS to ensure smooth and delivery to our customers. We are working in tandem with outside consultant to computerize our network of customer with reference to our logistic.


    When you order coffee from us today, we will roast it for you within 2 – 3 days. Not until then will your coffee be packaged and on its way to you. This is out ROAST-TO-DEMAND methodology which some of our customer had given thumb up for the freshness obtained from this arrangement.

    After-Sales-Support – SLA Defined

    Back by our team of engineers, we are also ready to embark on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to maintain a service level to uphold your operations hours. This is critical in order to maintain a mainstream continuity of business with disruption. We recognized this as an important aspect of our current operation just as contingency to back up coffee equipment is crucial in aligning your consistent stream of beverage supply.


    Our emphasis on design, finish and technology lets us offer our market top products, on par with any first-class brand, and with a price-quality ratio second to none. And our staff is constantly bringing in the latest new technologies to the art of roasting and grinding high quality coffee. Even today, we continue to refine or processes and develop new recipes so that we are able to offer you a better and wider range of products.

    Products – One Stop Shop towards a Total Pantry Solution

    We are also providing a combine source of most of the coffee and tea related product like creamer, sugar, milk and all beverage equipment. In short, we are capable to provide you the total pantry solution as a outsource deal to upkeep a central operations to you.