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Coffee Queen Brilliance is a fully automatic espresso machine with integrated grinder, which serves a perfect espresso using freshly ground beans. You can choose between 7 different varieties of beverage as well as hot water all brewed directly into your cup, by just pressing a button.

With its wide versatility, our Brilliance is equally useful at the workplace, restaurants, bars as well as in fast food and service outlets.

Brilliance has automatic water filling, one large bean hopper for beans and two ingredient canisters for soluble products. As soluble products are used the machine is very easy to maintain and keep clean. The illuminated and clear display takes you easily through all programs in the machine.

As an option Brilliance can be equipped with a payment system best suited to your requirements. Descaling filter is recommended to use with machine.

It is suitable for an office with 10 or more staff.

Product Features

  • Automatic water filling
  • 15 bar pump
  • Bean hopper for 2 kg beans
  • Two ingredient canisters
  • Up to 7 beverage options
  • Hot water outlet
  • Adjustable coffee spout
  • Illuminated display
  • Smart card function


  • Payment systems
  • Descaling filter


Art No. 1019510
Dimensions (W x H x D)      394 x 664 x 474 mm
Electricity 1 Phase
Water Filling Automatic, Manual
Power supply 230 V / 1250 W
Capacity Approx. 90 espresso / hour




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