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    Gemi Gepot Series GM-GB-40E

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Gemi has integrated advanced Japanese technologies and uses low-power heaters which have a service life one time longer than traditional heaters. The layer-by-layer heating technology coupled with an environment-friendly waterproof thermal insulating layer can reduce heat loss, saving electricity by over 40% compared to traditional hot water dispensers.

Product Features

  • High reliability
  • Super energy saving
  • Economical and large supply capacity design
  • Smart design with simple buttons and icons for ease of use
  • Dual hot water function using (STEP-WATER) layer-by-layer heating design


Dimension (W x H x D)      420 x 630 x 330 mm
Rated Power 3 KW
Rated Voltage (AC) 220 V
Net Weight 13 kg
Capacity 40 L


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